Fees and Charges

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from 1/7/2018
(Note fees are reviewed annually. These expire on 30/6/2019)


Lawn Sections



Sinking and interment


new $1565

Infant Lawn (land and interment)


Monumental Graves

Land 1.22m * 2.44m


new $1180

Sinking and interment



Pre cast concrete crypts


Interment and sealing



Interment and sealing


Lawn Ash and Tree Sections

Site and interment


Western Columbarium

Site and interment


Eastern Granite Columbariums 1 and 2

Site and first interment


2nd & 3rd interment each


Permission to erect a monument

Grave marker


Headstone and base


Single monument


Double monument


Triple monument


Chapel single


Chapel double


Chapel triple


Mausoleum (per Crypt)


Miscellaneous Charges

Re-open lawn or monumental (no cover)


Re-open monumental grave with ledger or concrete with chip


Ashes in private grave


Out of standard hours burial surchage


Exhumation fee (when authorised)


Removal of bodily remains from a grave


Pre-purchase of any site. Gazetted fee plus administration fee